Award of £1000 from Aviva Community Fund

Stirling and District Schools Pipe Band has been awarded a grant £1000 from the Aviva Community Fund to help us get to the UK Pipe Band Championships in Northern Ireland. The following excerpt from our submission is a real insight into the benefits that our young people get from being members of this great band.

“Stirling and District Schools Pipe Band was formed to draw children from state schools in Stirling and the surrounding district and we now have 2 competing bands and a piping group, having in excess of 60 children from Primary age upwards to S6 . The children start with bagpipe lessons through Stirling Council and as the children advance they are invited to join the band, which meet at Stirling High School. The band has been formed to provide a safe child friendly structure and it helps develop the children’s social and fine motor skills. The children learn skills for life such as teamwork, perseverance, camaraderie and confidence and it also provides a positive role model and friendships between the different ages of the kids.

Throughout the year our Bands compete in a number of competitions and we fund this and the running of the band through fundraising, Ceilidh’s, busking and grants because we get no funding from the local council or sponsorships. One of the main competitions the Senior Band goes to is the UK Championships held in Northern Ireland. This competition costs a lot with the hiring of the bus, driver, ferry, hotel accommodation and meals and we are hoping to win to enable us to put the money towards this. The UK competition is a fantastic experience for the children, often being the first time they have traveled away by themselves and helps to develops and grow the friendships in the band.”